Therapy Trip

Organizing Therapy Trip In The Best Conditions

Travel and accommodation procedures:
  • Deliver medical visa.
  •  Reception at the airport.
  •  Provide a private car with driver all over of the residence.
  •  Appropriate accommodation: reservations at the finest hotels.
  •  Provide halal meals at the finest restaurants.
  •  Offer an interpreter during the treatment.

Medical services:
  •  Send medical reports.
  •  Selection of specialized medical teams known for their competence.
  •  Full and daily coordination with the medical teams.
  •  Programming convalescence and rehabilitation.


  •  Provide a special medical plane.
  •  Provide a private trip plane.
  •  Provide personal guard.


Special services:
  •  Secure daily needs to escorts.
  •  Arranging entertaining and touristic activities to the escorts.
  •  Provide daily accompany to children.


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