Medical Specialties

Services Include All Medical Specialties

Together with partners, hospitals, doctors and rehabilitation centers, we guarantee high-tech medical services, technology and competence paired with long lasting extensive experience.

Medical specialties:
  •   Internal Medicine (Cardiovascular Disease, Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Hematology, Infectious Disease, Pulmonary Disease).
  •  Pathology-Anatomic & Clinical.
  •  Neurology.                                  Allergy & Immunology.
  •  Obstetrics & Gynecology.        Emergency Medicine.
  •  Medical Genetics.                     Ophthalmology.
  •  Otolaryngology.                        Psychiatry.
  •  Pediatrics.

Surgical specialities:
  •  Surgery-General.                                 Orthopaedic Surgery.
  •  Colon & Rectal Surgery.                     Thoracic Surgery.
  •  Plastic Surgery.                                    Neurological Surgery.
  •  Pediatric Surgery.                                Dental Surgery.
  •  Eye Surgery.                                          Oral and maxillofacial Surgery.
  •  Gynecological Surgery.                       Urology.
  •  Endoscopic endonasal Surgery.        Bariatric Surgery.
  •  Abdominal Surgery.


Radiology specialities:
  •  X-Ray.
  •  Ultra Sound.
  •  MRI.
  •  CT Scan.
  •  Nuclear Medicine.
  •  Radiotherapy.


  •  Occupational Therapy.
  •  Physical Therapy.
  •  Orthotics.
  •  Communication disorders.
  •  Psychology.


InterMedical Assistance is cooperating with best clinic

Powerful health care center

  •   Academic Teaching Hospital of the University of Tübingen
  •   One of Germany´s largest and most modern hospitals
  •   More than 50 clinics and institutes organized in eleven medical centers
  •   6.400 employees
  •   84.000 inpatients and 400.000 outpatients per year

Factors for success

  •   Modern medical technology
  •   Cross-site medical centers
  •   Interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaboration
  •   Innovative treatment concepts
  •   Motivated and highly qualified employees

Major specialties

  •   Medical and surgical oncology
  •   Orthopedics with endoprosthetic surgery and restorative
  •   Cardiology and heart surgery
  •   Abdominal and vascular surgery
  •   Neurosurgery
  •   Neurology
  •   All specialties in pediatrics

Medical Strategy

  •   The medicine is human, competent and excellent
  •   Renowned specialists, supported by a competent staff, working hand in hand for the benefit of our patients, guarantee state-of-the-art medicine and optimum care
  •   Currently far more than 3.000 international patients per year
  •   TOP 5 in Germany
  •   Transparency in treatment and invoicing – according to German Law

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