How it Works

Your first contact with us will be with the InterMedical Assistance team as it will study the condition well and presented to medical department officials specializing in the best hospitals in Germany and offering free consultation.

When the state of treatment is accepted in Germany, the InterMedical Assistance coordinates all procedures relating to the travel of the patient and his / her escorts to Germany in terms of sending the therapeutic invitation to the treatment visa, booking accommodation for the patient's companions, receiving the patient and its attendants at German airports and arrange appointments for patients.

For urgent cases, the company provides a special ambulance and is able to obtain treatment visa for the patient escorts upon arrival in German territory.

One of the InterMedical Assistance doctors is in charge of the hospital in which the patient has been referred treatment of the patient in detail.

An interpreter every day visits the patient in the hospital and during medical visits, the doctors who are in charge will follow patients and their treatment plans first-hand.

Intermedical Assistance provides all assistance and guidance to the persons accompanying patients during their stay in Germany.

After completion of the treatment, Intermedical Assistance regulates the patient's exit procedures from the hospital and the translation of the medical reports if requested.

Intermedical Assistance organizes the procedures for the return of the patient and his companions to the home country and is the reference for him in case whether there are any queries from him or if future reviews are required.

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