Air Ambulance Aircraft

InterMedical Assistance offer you several types of aircraft according to your request

A plane will be at your disposal in the shortest time once the fees are paid

Medical transport aircrafts:
  •   CL605 CL300
  •  LJ60 XR LJ55 LJ45 LJ40 XR
  •  EMBRAER 600, EMBRAER 650
  •  G450, GIVC680
  •  HAWKER 850 XP
  •  BBJ
  •  ACJ


Trip aircrafts:
  •  CL604 - CL605 - CL300 - CL850
  •  LJ60 XR - LJ45 - LJ40 XR
  •  FALCON 900 EX - FALCON 900 EASY - FALCON 2000 - FALCON 7X
  •  G450 - G550 GV - GIVC680
  •  HAWKER 850 XP
  •  BBJ
  •  CL604 - CL605
  •  ACJ
  •  B757 VIP

We are part of Interflight Services Group

Arrangement, Coordination and Attendance of Evacuation Flights

InterFlight`s fleet of dedicated intensive care air ambulances jet can be activated at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Those aircraft are fully equipped with state of the art medical technology, and staffed with highly qualified medical personnel, so that patients who have fallen ill or been injured all over the world can be treated and transported as fast as possible.

All aircraft are designed to carry up to two ea. stretchers, and InterFlight offers bedside to bedside support of the medical team.

This means that the medical crews will pick up a patient at the hospital of origin and deliver the patient to the receiving hospital.

Medical treatment on board InterFlight air ambulances strictly adheres to the highest international standards. InterFlight offers a worldwide, unrestricted, air ambulance service. No matter where the patients are, InterFlight will transport them where and when they wish. Given it's large and ready to fly fleet, the company can guarantee quick operational activation with the shortest lead times. The air ambulance aircraft are strategically based in the heart of Europe and are operated and maintained by the company itself.

The InterFlight Services GmbH is in the aviation sector, the synonym for: safety, quality, reliability and discretion. We are, of course, according to ISO 9001, one of the strictest and most anner known seal of quality, certified by consistently since 2008.

We carry in addition to business flights, including VIP and rescue flights. Especially in the field of rescue flights in which it comes to health and often human lives, highest professionalism, safety, speed and experience is the decisive criterion.

We are the world's first and only company that performs the initial contact by the patient or rescue unit, the test organization, performing a rescue chain in the international field and can perform.

InterFlight comes to the aid of people in distress, providing swift, professional medical assistance by air and ground. In order to do this, it employs state-ofthe-art operating resources, such as helicopters and air-ambulances.

Emergency team 24 h / 365 days

Fast emergency rescue from the air and safe patient transport with helicopters and ambulance aircraft.

You are here directly with professionals communicate, which gather facts in a very short time, evaluate and react immediately. It is a machinery set by a staff of professionals in transition, which increases every minute.

The sighting of the initial information, compilation and reviews, coordination with emergency departments in hospitals in the country of origin, Germany and the home country. Alerting the appropriate hospital, including alternatives, probing of the medical team, the patient a and preparation for ongoing information sharing. Parallel to this organized our subsidiary, Medica Europe GmbH also the administrative tasks such as obtaining entry permit (visa), if appropriate, issuing visas on arrival of the rescue flight on the apron, ensuring the fastest possible and suitable further transport by ambulance or rescue helicopter.

As well as the planning of any traveling companions.

Also parallel the flight test planning and execution is started.

If the patient is in Germany supplied, uses level 2. Here is the welfare of the patient and the restoration of his health a top priority. Once this has occurred, a attacks Level 3, the movement of the patient to his pick-up and / or hometown.

If further treatment or rehabilitation in the home country desired or necessary, this will also be organized.

A termination by us is satisfied with transfer of the patient to his family / doctors in their home country

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