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InterMedical Assistance

InterMedical Assistance company ushered in the year 2011; it is actually a branch of InterFlight Services Complex Group in stuttgart in Germany. Interflight Services Group is considered as the most experienced complexes in the field of programming trips.
With an oriented philosophy of assurance quality customer satisfaction, InterMedical Assistance gives you access to the best care services throughout world and at any time.
Delivering the highest quality of care services for international patients in Germany, our services also include constant presence around the patient and his relatives accompanying, among other things, in all actions relating to medical travel.
The services are of good quality and perfection at the local as well as the global levels.

Air Ambulance Aircraft

InterMedical Assistance offer you several types of aircraft

according to your request

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Therapy Trip

Therapy Trip In The Best Conditions

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Medical Specialties

Services Include All Medical Specialties

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Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance Aircraft Are At Your Disposal

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